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Attic Insulation San Diego

A large percentage of energy is lost through a home’s attic space. However, if this part of your home is insulated properly, this simple measure has the potential to cut your energy bills, keep your home warmer in colder months and keep your home cooler in warmer months of the year. However, each home is different. This means the attic space in each home is also different. In order to insulate your attic properly you need to hire a company that specializes in this area of the building industry.


Types of Attic Insulation for Modern Homes


One solution does not fit all when it comes to attic insulation. Over the years, different types of attic insulation solutions have been developed to increase the R-value in a home. The most effective attic insulation solutions include spray foam insulation, blow-in insulation, fiberglass batts insulation and reflective or radiant barrier insulation. The insulation expert working with you will determine which solution is the best for your attic.


Benefits of Insulating your Attic


As heat is generated in each of your home’s rooms, it rises and enters the attic space of your home. If your attic is insulated properly, this heat is contained and remains inside your home. However, if there is no insulation, this heat escapes and becomes wasted energy. Heating your home costs money. Every time this heat escapes you are more or less wasting money on fuel that was intended to keep your home warm.


When it’s hot you want the opposite to happen. An attic can become extremely hot when it’s warm outside. However, an insulated attic keeps the temperature in the attic cool so it’s not affected by extreme heat.


Insulating your Attic


After an insulation inspection, the insulation installer will advise you about the best way to move forward. Installing insulation is not always a straight-forward process. It normally involves work in cramped, dusty spaces and specialist skills are required to do a high quality job. This is essential when it comes to attic insulation because poorly fitted or installed insulation can result in a less energy-efficient home.


Our insulation experts specialize in various types of attic insulation solutions. Each of these solutions will increase the energy-efficiency in your home, reduce your energy bills and make your home much more comfortable. Contact us Today at (858) 256-4685 to find out how we can improve your home for you and your family.


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