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Blow-In Insulation San Diego

Achieve a High R-value in your Home with Blow-in Insulation


Blow-in insulation is one of the more established methods of insulating a modern home. It’s a simple, yet effective way to reduce domestic energy costs and make your home much more comfortable. Despite its simplicity, this type of insulation solution is just as effective as many of the latest insulation technologies available to homeowners.


Equipment and Materials Used to Install Blow-in Insulation


A specialized blowing machine is used to blow insulation material into the area you wish to insulate. This insulation material is also referred to as white cellulose. White cellulose is manufactured from treated, recycled paper-based products such as cardboard, newspaper and similar products that have insulating qualities. Specially adapted fiberglass is also used in some situations to insulate walls and other structure in the home. This type of insulation is popular because it has a high R-value, once it’s applied properly to your home.


How Blow-in Insulation is Applied


It’s relatively simple and quick to install blow-in insulation. In most cases the installer cuts a hole in the wall or structure to be insulated. The blowing machine blows the insulation into this hole, until the appropriate amount of insulation is added. Once enough insulation is added, the hole in the wall or other structure is sealed up.


Benefits of Blow-in Insulation


Blow-in insulation has a high R-value especially when the insulation materials are packed closely together. It uses recycled products. This means it’s a more environmentally friendly way to insulate a building. The savings you make on energy costs has many financial benefits and is another way this method helps our environment.


Do you believe you’re spending too much on energy bills every year? It may have something to do with how well your home is insulated. Contact us Today at (858) 256-4685 to arrange an insulation inspection to find out how energy-efficient your home really is.


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