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Crawl Space Insulation San Diego

Preventing Energy Loss by Insulating your Home’s Crawl Space


The size of a crawl space varies from one property to another. However, this area of your home needs to be insulated properly. Otherwise you could be losing valuable energy which is generated in your home. A crawl space is often a difficult area to reach and to work in. However, our expert installers have seen it all before and use the most appropriate insulation solutions to fit your requirements.


What’s a Crawl Space and Why Should It Be Insulated?


A crawl space is a small area below the floor or roof of a building. This space is normally used to allow access to hidden wiring or plumbing in a home. It’s an area that should be insulated because it will prevent energy escaping from below and above the rooms in your home. Insulation also allows this space to heat and cool at the appropriate temperatures at different times of the year.


Insulating a Crawl Space in your Home


Some crawl spaces are ventilated, while others are not. This is important because it determines what type of insulation solution should be used in a particular crawl space. If there is moisture in the crawl space, this also needs to be addressed before installing any type of insulation.


During our insulation inspection service, we assess the condition of the crawl space in your home. Then, we recommend the actions required to prepare the crawl space for insulation and the best type of insulation to use.


Installing crawl space insulation in your home has the potential to save you a large amount on your energy bills every year. This is often an awkward job to undertake. Each crawl space presents different problems when it comes to insulation. However, we have many years’ experience dealing with this type of insulation installation and will give you expert advice on what the best course of action is. To find out more, Contact us Today at (858) 256-4685!


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