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Garage Door Insulation San Diego

Prevent Energy Loss in your Garage with Garage Door Insulation


Walls, attics and roofs are not the only features of a home that need to be insulated. Garage doors should also be insulated to make a garage more comfortable and energy efficient. However, energy loss through a garage door is something that’s often overlooked by homeowners. A garage may be well insulated, but the heat loss that takes places through this type of door can be really alarming. Poorly insulated garage doors also increase the need for cooling systems when the weather becomes hotter, especially if you spend a lot of time in this area of your home.


Insulating your Garage Door


Garage doors come in all shapes and sizes. The insulation solution you choose will depend on the size of the garage door and the material the door is made from. Many DIY experts see this as the perfect project to undertake. However, in most cases it’s better to leave this type of work to the experts.


Deciding What Solution is Best for you


Many people include this work as part of a larger insulation project. Others have already installed insulation throughout their home and only need to get their garage door insulated. Either way, we have an insulation inspection service and recommend the most appropriate solution for this type of door. The most common garage door insulation solutions we install include reflective insulation, batts or foam boards.


Some people only use their garage to park their cars and store items they don’t want in their living area. For others, it’s a more important area of the home, used to relax, play or entertain guests. Either way, this room should be insulated so that it does not become an area that loses energy that’s costing you money each month. Contact us Today at (858) 256-4685 find out what’s the best insulation solution for your garage door.


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