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Wall Insulation San Diego

Every homeowner should be aware of the importance of insulating the walls in their home. Wall insulation makes a home more energy efficient. It prevents dampness which is a common problem in properties with cavity walls. Insulating walls also acts as a sound barrier which is important, especially if you live in a busy home and want some peace and quiet every now and again.


Types of Wall Insulation


Over the years, different types of wall insulation solutions have emerged. The best solution varies from home to home. However, we offer an insulation inspection service. After one of these inspections, we recommend the most appropriate solution for your home.


The main types of wall insulation solutions include spray foam insulation, blow-in insulation and fiberglass batts and insulation blankets.


Spray Foam Insulation


This is an affordable way to insulate your home. We spray liquid polyurethane into each wall’s cavity area. This substance hardens and eventually becomes solid foam. When applied correctly, spray foam insulation greatly reduces the amount of energy loss in a home and takes up less space than other insulation solutions.


Blow-in Insulation


As the name suggests, white cellulose pellets are blown into the cavity of a wall using a specialized machine. These pellets are closely packed together. This increases the energy-efficiency in a building and reduces the possibility of dampness in your home.


Fiberglass Batts and Insulation Blankets


This is another affordable way to insulate your home. However, this work should be carried out by a qualified insulation provider. If fiberglass batts are not installed properly, you run the risk of reducing the R-value in your home, leading to a less energy efficient home.


Insulating your property’s walls should be a priority. It makes a home a more comfortable place to live in and reduces annual energy costs.


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